I got a grant!

I got a grant for my ion channel research project! Receiving the graduate research grant award has immensely boosted my morale, and has encouraged me towards the scientific career path that I wish to pursue.

On behalf of the Graduate Studies Office, I am pleased to inform you that you are a recipient of a Graduate Research Grant for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. Those who evaluated your proposal were impressed with the project.  We congratulate you and look forward to your successful completion of the proposed research. We will be interested in your progress as you move along in your research, and look forward to hearing your presentation at Student Research Day next spring.

The Graduate School seeks, through such awards, to encourage the highest standards of scholarship among its graduate students and we are extremely gratified to provide this opportunity for you to pursue your theory.


Our lab finally got a new fluorescence/chemiluminescence imager and it has been great for our investigations so far. I have also been getting many positive western blot results. Evaluating the right antibody concentrations for the blots and tweaking the immunoprecipitation protocols to fit my experiments was a considerable amount of work. My next goal is to quantify the protein bands and figure out the statistical significance of GIRK channel subunit interactions. I am so glad to have had worked on it during the fall semester. I can now concentrate on putting my findings together by the time I graduate in spring(!).

Besides this, I am looking forward to working on the electrophysiology rig with my lab mates next semester. We have been concentrating on the biochemical experiments since the past couple of months. It would be interesting to perform preliminary patch clamping experiments on the cells expressing the mutated and wildtype channel subunits.

I finally got down to updating this space after a long break. I have been very busy with the research work, classes and teaching. It feels great to finally break the writing dry-spell.