Women In STEM

Why support more women PhDs in STEM? Single women without children do almost the same as married fathers. Married mothers have 35% lower odds than married fathers to get a tenure track position. Married mothers have 27% lower odds than married fathers with young children to become tenured.Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 1.29.45 PM

Source: Staying Competitive Patching America’s Leaky Pipeline in the Sciences.

Be an ally to women in science! Let’s normalize diversity and get on with making a difference in science. A few useful suggestions from @AtheneDonald to support #WIS:


What the “Trailing Spouse” Teaches Us About the Stickiness of Gender Inequality by Lindsay Bernhagen.

‘Quiet Desperation’ of Academic Women by Scott Jaschik. Interviews with 80 female faculty members at a research university — the largest qualitative study of its kind — have found that many women in careers are deeply frustrated by a system that they believe undervalues their work and denies them opportunities for a balanced life. While the study found some overt discrimination in the form of harassment or explicitly sexist remarks, many of the concerns involved more subtle “deeply entrenched inequities.”

Persistent Underrepresentation of Women’s Science in High Profile Journals. doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/275362

Insights into sexism in academia  by Gina Baucom on the Dynamic Ecology blog. Very insightful and enlightening stories contributed by several female academics, a must read.